Yes, I’m working with Windows Azure


One month ago I started to work with Windows Azure for developing mobile applications with Windows Phone and IOS. At the moment I created a mobile service and all I can say is “Windows Azure is amazing!”. Great work, yes!.

Azure lets me to implement a service for my mobile application only with few clicks. I can associate a database with the service and also I can add authentication and notifications with only few lines of code.

And Microsoft teach us how to implement that in Windows 8, Windows Phone, IOS, Android and HTML.

I recommend Windows Azure a lot. Try it and it will like you. I’m sure.

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2 pensaments sobre “Yes, I’m working with Windows Azure

    • So great to hear from you Toni! Actually we don’t have any specialist in Android area. We know that Android is very important OS too, I’m sure that in the future we will need a android developer. Maybe you? 😉

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