OnDeserialized/OnSerialized Attributes

In .NET we can serialize and deserialize objects for saving state from memory to storage or for transfering complex structures through the Internet.
DataContractAttribute and SerializableAttribute are the options that we have to achieve this goal. The basic differences between them are that DataContract is WCF technology and Serialization is older than DataContract. A great feature of DataContract is that it can serialize private fields. (FYI : In Windows Phone it cannot)
Private fields or private properties or non-serializable fields could be a problem for us. Fortunately, we have OnDeserializedAttribute / OnDeserializingAttribute and OnSerializedAttribute / OnSerializingAttribute that when applied to a method, specifies that the method is called immediately after / during  deserialization or serialization of an object.
Here, there are the examples from MSDN

[OnSerializing()] internal void OnSerializingMethod(StreamingContext context) {

member2 = "This value went into the data file during serialization.";


[OnSerialized()] internal void OnSerializedMethod(StreamingContext context) {

member2 = "This value was reset after serialization.";


[OnDeserializing()] internal void OnDeserializingMethod(StreamingContext context) {

member3 = "This value was set during deserialization";


[OnDeserialized()] internal void OnDeserializedMethod(StreamingContext context) {

member4 = "This value was set after deserialization.";


More information

OnDeserializingAttribute Class

OnDeserializedAttribute Class

OnSerializingAttribute Class

OnSerializedAttribute Class

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